Ji Hwan Bang is a fine art student in Kingston university.  He researched contemporary artists that relate to my artworks and practiced multiple ways of creating art.


September 2021- May 2023

Kingston School of Art: BA fine art


Labour of life, Not my beautiful house, Kingston, 1 December – 3 December 2021

( I displayed 4 artworks that are 2 acrylic paintings, 1 oil painting and 1 wood installation in Not my beautiful house. Adam tutor advised me to detach a description of artworks. I could learn how to display effectively and how my artworks harmonize with other student’s artworks.)

Avionics Foyer Gallery Exhibition, 14th March – 18th March 2022

( I and two students participated in Avionics foyer exhibition. Our common concept was colourful inspiration. It was interesting to see an abstract composition of each students’ artworks in one site.)

Avionics Foyer Gallery Exhibition, 21th November – 25th November 2022

(I and Lucas Miles participated in Avionics foyer exhibition. Main theme is psychedelic art.)

Group shows: Public Exhibit(Publication exhibition), 14th – 17th December 2022, Stanley Picker gallery

(My book title is fluid lines.)

Group shows: Page space (Publication exhibition), 15th – 22th December 2023, Stanley Picker gallery

(My book title is Anthropomorphic characters.)